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It's time for a breakout season. So I'm taking my career to the next level with Bass Pro Sites. With one click, I'm communicating with the bass fishing community through videos, new product releases and reporting my success along the tournament trail. And when sponsors want to know what I bring to the table, the numbers speak for themselves. While my competition is talking to one, I'm reaching out to a worldwide audience that continues to grow. To take your tournament fishing and your career to the next level, check out Bass Pro Sites today.

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Tournament Trail

Riding off the momentum of 2012, I'm looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2013. With local and regional events on the horizon, through the FLW BFL Ozark Division as well as the Bassmaster Weekend Series Missouri Division, I'm keeping my skills sharp and eyes on the prize. You can follow me on tour by checking out my Tournament Trail page with my complete schedule with results as they come in. Check back often and hope to see you on the water.
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Press Release from BFL Table Rock

Posted by josh on April 10, 2012

Stetich climbs the Rock

Boater Michael Stetich caught a five-bass limit weighing 25 pounds, 6 ounces to win the Walmart BFL Ozark Division event on Table Rock Lake.
Tripp claims co-angler title


8th Place At Table Rock

Posted by josh on April 8, 2012

The tournament director called for boat 5 and we took off to our first spot. It was a pretty good size pocket not too far from Indian Point. My boater had one rod on the deck of his boat and it was rigged with an A-Rig. Typically I would throw something completely different than the guy in the front of the boat but despite my bad luck with the rig so far I just knew that it was going to catch fish if I could put it in front of their face. So about 15min. into the morning I hooked up on a solid 2 1/2lb spotted bass. I was pumped! My first fish on the Rig and a keeper so early in the morning! That was all I needed to give me some confidence in the A-Rig. I was using the YUM version of the A-Rig (Yumbrella Rig) and I had 1/8oz jig heads on three of the wires and spinner bait blades on the other two. I was using a 5 inch paddle
type swim bait. I went with the 5 inch knowing that it was a big bait. Past reports had been saying that everyone was using 3 1/2 to 4 inch baits on the rig. I had two goals in this tournament, and they were to catch a limit and finish in the top 40 places. I purposely threw bigger baits because I knew that I only needed five bites. Five of the right bites are all you need to win a tournament so I said to myself...."GO big or go home!" Well I had no intention of going home so I went big. Well then my boater who was also
throwing the A-rig started catching some fish. He put two keepers in the boat in about an hour and I hadn't caught one since the first fish. I started to feel like I needed to make a change. Nothing major but something needed to happen. Now, I knew that I want going to get as many bites as my boater.


Pre-Fishing Table Rock

Posted by josh on April 8, 2012

Well you all know that Table Rock is my favorite lake, but what you don’t know is that Table Rock hasn't always been good to me. I fell in love with the lake from the very first time I saw it, but it took me a
few trip to the lake to figure it out. I’ve had days on Table Rock where I could catch fifty fish a day, but the problem was, out of those fifty, only one or two would be keepers. Finally I got some redemption!

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